The Tulip

Creation of “The Tulip” set was initially started with the set “Today” and was gradually expanded and completed further due to the warm welcome it received and changed to an entirely new set of jewelry. Tulips are presents of certain moments of life that have become immortal jewels for a lifetime.


A hat is a piece of clothing that can depict personality, status, and origin of individuals to a considerable extent. The “Hat” series contains two sets – a hat for Cohen and a hat for Trump (a helmet) – which have been designed in a new combination and sit on the hands and necks.

The Blue Eye

The current set was created out of my personal passion for the beautiful and charming stone of turquoise. The designs were inspired by the form of the eyed in amulets to ward off evil eye (Nazar) and the blue color of them. It is believed that this color safeguards the one who wears it from negative energies.

A Second Life

Scattered and forsaken pieces of nature that seems to be separated and wandering around in the environment; if remain stranded they have no destiny but devastation and annihilation.

Selecting these pieces with obsession and meticulousness, designing and integrating new pieces to them, we have strived to invite these – kind of – collages to a new second life on the body of people so that they become forever a lasting ornament.